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Introducing Summox: Automated washing, disinfecting and sterilizing of dental instruments in only 15 minutes




  • IDS Cologne 12-16 March 2019

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The IDS in Cologne, Germany (12 – 16 March) marks the World Premiere of Summox One: a fully-automated system that draws on plasma-based sterilization methods to slash the time spent on the disinfection and sterilization of instruments while also eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

In the dental practice, much time and energy are spent disinfecting, sterilizing and labeling instruments. It’s a process which, until now, has required at least three different machines, over half a dozen human interventions and taken more than two hours. In recent years the disinfection and sterilization guidelines and requirements have become more stringent and this trend is expected to continue.

According to the CEO of Summox Dental, Paul Pessers, “the Summox One is an all-in-one solution that integrates the entire process of instrument infection control in one device that’s about the same size as a photocopier and completes a cycle in only 15 minutes. This innovation will help dental professionals focus even more on what they really want to do: providing excellent dental care.”

“It’s the biggest dentistry advancement in 30 years,” said Ronald Roojers, a veteran distributor with Dental Partners in the Netherlands, when he first witnessed the Summox One in action.

The Summox One is able to achieve such incredible results via an elegant combination of cutting-edge technology, advanced integration and impressive feats of miniaturization. The instruments are processed in dedicated Summox containers (about the same size as a typical dental mini norm tray, or a school lunch box if you like). Washing, disinfection and sterilization are achieved through a combination of different technologies, including an innovative low-temperature, plasma-based process.
Despite all the technical wizardry contained in the system, using the Summox One could not be simpler:

  1. Immediately after use, the instruments are packed in the Summox container. There is no need to remove plaque or other dental debris. Handpieces can be placed in a dedicated Summox handpiece container.
  2. Once closed, the containers, which are identifiable via an easily reprogrammable RFID, are simply placed on the input stack of the Summox One.
  3. Without even pushing a button, the containers will be drawn into the Summox One, opened by the device, and – depending on the data contained in the RFID – disinfected and/or sterilized.
  4. 15 minutes later the containers will emerge on the clean (output) side of the system, labeled, date-stamped and vacuum-sealed; their contents cooled and ready to go to the next patient or into storage.

Instrument Infection Control could not be easier: Pack, Stack, Summox and Go!
The Summox One does not demand a change in your workflow. You can designate the containers (and program their RFIDs) however you see fit. What the Summox One will do, however, is:

  • Wash, disinfect and sterilize your used instruments in a single device
  • Complete the entire process in only 15 minutes
  • Clean all instruments including hand and corner pieces
  • Improve safety for operators and patients (by eliminating both needle-stick incidents and cross-contamination)
  • Reduce cost of operation (by significantly reducing the total number of instruments required and freeing up both space and staff members)

If this sounds like the kind of device that will transform your professional life, pay Summox Dental a visit at the International Dental Show IDS in Cologne, Germany (we ‘re in Hall 2.2, Booth A019) to see the system in action or drop us a mail on If, on the other hand, you need no further convincing, you’ll be pleased to know that the first units will be ready to ship in Q4 of 2019.

About Summox Dental B.V.

Summox Dental B.V. is a startup formed by members of Nikinc Dental B.V., an innovative Netherlands-based dental equipment supplier with 30 years of experience in the industry. The Summox One is eight years in the making.