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Summox One Experiences.

‘"Fewer process steps leads to less chance of human error"’

dr. A.M.G.A. Laheij Dentist and researcher at ACTA

‘“With Summox, my instruments are protected, instantly sterile and ready to use” ’

Dodger Hendriks Implantologist

‘“The whole sterilization room is fully automated now”’

Geert Jacobs Dentist at Jacobs and Kelgtemans

‘“This system makes it easy to execute infection prevention in the dental practice” ’

Marjo Riebergen Teacher at Dental Best Practice

‘"The containers are perfect, I can personalize them based on my wishes and our dental practice”’

Alcuin Schulten Orthodontist

‘“This is the first real dental innovation in 30 years!”’

Ronald Roojers Owner Dental Partners

‘‘’It is a brilliant system’’ ’

Eric Lucassen Director at Lumerick Dental Service