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We understand that your dental practice must follow the correct safety & hygiene rules and regulations that are becoming more and more stringent. With 25 years of experience in the industry, we know all the ins and outs of the market.

That’s why we, the founders of Summox, developed a solution for the cleaning of dental instruments that dentists could only dream of. With the help of professionals in the field, leading companies in the design, development, manufacturing and software domain, and key players from the Technical University Eindhoven and the Dental University of Amsterdam, we developed and tested the Summox One.

Together, we are setting the bar high, and raise standards in the dental sterilization process.

The new standard in dental instrument infection control.


Summox improves the quality, safety and effectiveness of health care. We develop and supply unsurpassed, innovative infection control solutions for reusable medical instruments and devices.


Summox is the new standard in infection control of medical instruments!


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Summox is the only brand that brings the full package of instrument infection control to your dental practice. How we do this? By harmonizing and integrating the cleaning process for dentist and staff and providing a way to work error-free, safe and efficient.

The CEO and CDO of Summox explain what makes our system stand out.

In the words of Frank Verhoeven, Chief Design Officer: “I wanted to create a seamless flow in hygiene, that enables dentists all over the world to take the next step in dental infection prevention.”

Paul Pessers, CEO of Summox Dental B.V. states: “The Summox One is an all-in-one solution that integrates the entire process of instrument infection control in one device that’s about the same size as a photocopier and completes a cycle in only 15 minutes. This innovation will help dental professionals focus even more on what they really want to do: providing excellent dental care.”

We are committed to our values.

Our drive is to deliver high-quality innovative solutions to the dental domain. Through teamwork, diversity and integrity, we develop and design future-focused products.

Summox One is a translation of our values and revolves around more than just one idea: it’s about creating a safe and high-performing dental environment that benefits the dentist and the world in multiple ways.

Summox One meets the highest quality and safety standards.

We work from our headquarters in Eindhoven in The Netherlands; ‘the smartest square kilometer in the world’. Our dedicated employees work hard to develop new and innovative solutions that continually surpass current quality standards.

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