One state-of-the-art, Intelligent and fully automated infection control system.

Summox One

The new standard in dental instruments infection control.

As a dental professional, you maintain a precise procedure to disinfect and sterilize your instruments. Your staff has adopted current methods and equipment to help you get the job done. So why change it? Well, what if we told you the whole process can be done easier, safer and more efficiently? Let us introduce to you the world premiere in dental instrument infection control: Summox One. Our automated all-in-one solution ensures a secure and continuous process of disinfecting and sterilizing your instruments, making them ready for use in 15 minutes.

Next level in streamlining and securing your dental practice.

Fully automated all-in-one process because of the intelligent software and RFID recognition.

All your dental instruments ready in 15 minutes because of the high performance all-in-one-system.

Easy compliance management and personal safety because of the closed loop system.

An All-in-One system

The entire process of disinfecting and sterilising all of your dental instruments can now be done with one smart and integrated system: Summox One.


Fill the containers with used instruments and hand pieces.


Place the containers on the left side of the system.


Ready to use in 15 minutes.


Re-use your instruments instantly. Say hello to your next patient.

“With Summox, my instruments are protected, instantly sterile and ready to use”

Dodger Hendriks Implantologist


Are you Summox proof?


At Summox, we strongly believe that infection prevention is at the core of every well running dental practice. Our systems help you to protect both your patients and staff from unintentional human errors and cross contamination.

For us, Summox-proof means exceeding the latest safety standards, and it’s supported by state-of-the-art technology. Always!

Never a day lost guarantee.

We believe in our product. That’s why we offer our customers our ‘Never a Day Lost’ warranty.

If for any reason the system does not run smoothly, our service team will repair or replace your Summox One that same day.


Get One.

Take the next step in dental instrument infection control. Our team is ready to help you!